Enkamat is a flexible three-dimensional mat for immediate, permanent erosion protection on the most varied slope types. The open Enkamat product types are particularly suitable for use on steep dry slopes exposed to wind and rain and hence prone to erosion. Open Enkamat's artificial root structure with up to 1,800 m filament per m▓ creates an artificial root structure preventing soil eroding from steep slopes, river banks, landfill containments and other vulnerable areas.

As a general rule, once laid on slopes, Enkamat is seeded and filled with humus or fertile soil. Vegetation can then take root and develop easily, because of Enkamat's artificial root structure protecting the soil and germinating seed.

Although it works to best effect when filled, there are some conditions in which Enkamat can be left unfilled.

To ensure full contact with the soil surface, Enkamat should always be pegged to the surface of the slope.

Enkamat will not degrade in soil, making it the right system solution for protecting slopes permanently against erosion.

These anti-erosion mats come in rolls 1.0 m, 1.95 m, 3.85 m and 5.75 m wide.

Examples Enkamat product types:
Enkamat 7010 - Data Sheet (pdf)
Enkamat 7018 - Data Sheet (pdf)
Enkamat 7020 - Data Sheet (pdf)

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