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Enkadrain drainage mats are geocomposites composed of a three-dimensional core connected to either one or two synthetic filters, which may be nonwoven, woven or coated non-woven or membrane, depending on the requirements. The drainage core is formed of solid, looped synthetic filaments that are fused together where they cross, making for a flexible structured material.

Enkadrain is the outcome of a revolution in the field of geosynthetic drainage which dates back more than 25 years. Today, there is a wide range of Enkadrain products available, growing steadily to meet the demand for tailor-made solutions in a constant stream of new applications.

All members of the Enkadrain product family are flexible, lightweight and hence easy to use, and quick to install. The voids ratio of the core exceeds 95% providing Enkadrain with a high drainage capacity per unit volume, for maximum drainage over both short and long term.

Enkadrain has been showing what it can do in thousands of projects worldwide for years, under the most adverse conditions. Its applications are numerous, and include drainage at basement walls and abutments, permanent shuttering, parking plaza decks, roof gardens, green roofs, landfills (for leakage detection and water, leachate and gas drainage), road edges, slopes and tunnels.

All Enkadrain products are rot-proof, frost-proof and resistant to all substances and organisms occurring naturally in the soil (EMPA).

Thanks to our constantly developing production technology, Colbond's engineers can combine cores of many different structures and characteristics with a wide range of filter or sealing layers. The result is the broad Enkadrain family of products, which breaks down into groups as follows:

Enkadrain Standard (e.g. Enkadrain B10)
- Suitable for non-specific applications where detail design may not be
- Most product types come packed in small rolls with laying instructions
  for ease of handling and on-site installation
- Meets relevant standards for drainage and protection layers

Enkadrain Premium (e.g. Enkadrain ST/ TP)
- Used for civil engineering applications requiring outstanding performance
- Meets the relevant standards
- Thickness 10 to 20 mm 
- Reduces soil transmitted noise

Enkadrain CK (e.g. Enkadrain CK20)
- Suitable for special applications in building, tunneling and civil engineering
  (lost shuttering and tunnel repair)
- Covered on one side with a water-impermeable layer selected to suit the specific
  application and function
- Available as both concrete-resistant and spray concrete-resistant product types

Enkadrain Wide (e.g. Enkadrain 5006H/5-2s/T110PP)
- 5 m wide drainage mats mainly used in waste containment and other
  applications requiring reliable drainage over large horizontal areas
- Core and filter layers designed specifically for each application, the filter layer being
  stitched to the core longitudinally at regular intervals

Enkadrain Findrain (e.g. Enkadrain Findrain 5006H/1.0+200)
- Suitable for use as an alternative to a conventional French Drain
- Designed for a wide range of drain pipe sizes, the drain pipe (not supplied) being
  drawn into the Findrain by means of an integral cord

For Enkadrain, you can download a product brochure below (click right mouse button, then "Save Target As", or click left mouse button to open in a new window):

Enkadrain Product Brochure (.pdf file, file size approx. 1.5 MB)
Enkadrain Guidelines for Use/ Fitting Instructions (.pdf file)

Enkadrain Product Brochure - French
Enkadrain Product Brochure - German
Enkadrain Product Brochure - Italian
Enkadrain Product Brochure - Latvian

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