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Armater is a flexible geocell made of geotextile fabrics connected to each other reciprocally to form a hexagonal honeycomb structure. The resulting cells can be filled with fertile topsoil, sand, flint or gravel, depending on the specific application.

The factors of rigidity and permeability are decisive criteria in the selection of the geotextile fabric used for the production of Armater. They are taken into account to ensure that the finished product can ideally fulfil the requirements of its specific application.

Armater RC 20-20/10 is our standard product type. The sides of the hexagonal cells are 20 cm long and 10 cm high. A panel covers an area of approximately
10 m x 8 m. The panels are supplied in manageable packages with dimensions of
2.5 m x 0.6 m x 0.10 m. Each package does not weigh more than approximately
29 kg.

Colbond also offers supply of the buckles required for the installation of the Armater panels.

The steel pins that are used to fix the Armater (together with the buckles) should have a diameter greater than 8 mm and a typical length of approximately 350 mm. The specific length of the pins should be adapted to the given geological conditions. For this reason, the pins should be purchased separately from a builders merchant. 

The number of anchoring pins of Armater is determined by a great variety of parameters. Our Application Engineering department would be pleased to be of assistance at any time with regard to the exact calculation of these points and for advice on the necessary embedment depth of the pins.

A great variety of plant species can be seeded into the Armater geocells to achieve fast growth and attractive greenery of the slope concerned.

Advised Armater product type:
Armater RC20-20/10 - Data Sheet (pdf)

For Armater, you can download a product brochure below (click right mouse button, then "Save Target As", or click left mouse button to open in a new window):

Armater Product Brochure (.pdf file, file size approx. 2 MB)
Armater Product Brochure - German (.pdf file, file size approx. 2 MB)

Armater Design Guide (.pdf file, file size approx. 2 MB)

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