Building Drainage

Drainage at Basement Walls

To prevent moisture damage, engineers aim at protecting ground structures against soil-borne moisture and water. Geocomposites can intercept incoming water and drain it away from the structure towards the collector pipe. The use of geosynthetics can replace conventional mineral drains, which are often anything up to around 30 cm thick.

This is where Colbond's Enkadrain drainage mats offer a highly effective 'three in one' solution. In addition to reliable drainage under both low and high flow rates, these three-dimensional mats protect the brickwork/waterproofing from mechanical damage, and the filter layer prevents clogging of the collector system. These characteristics, proven in thousands of projects worldwide over the past 30 years, have made Enkadrain a well accepted solution for basement drainage. The selection of the right Enkadrain product type for each specific project is mainly determined by the relevant construction depth.

For more information on Enkadrain drainage mats and their applications, please follow the link to the section Enkadrain, Uses.


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